Wave Energy the Danish Wave Energy Programme

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  1. Steven Puglisi siger:


    I am a Mechanical Engineering student at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. I have stumbled upon your company during my research for a class titled “Impact of Technology on Society”, in which I am responsible for writing a report on the Technological Assessment for a social entrepreneurial company involving engineering. I am fascinated by the projects you have undertaken and I would love to focus my research paper on your company. This paper focuses on identifying significant social, cultural and/or political obstacles or challenges the company has faced over the course of a project. It would be greatly appreciated if you could help me outline any of these obstacles by providing a few examples.

    Steven Puglisi
    Concordia University

    • OctoMar siger:

      Hi Steven
      Thank´s for your contact to us. Danish Wave Energy Association.
      I am not sure I quite understand witch company you are referring to. Can you be a little more specific about that?

      Best Regard

      Christian Grant

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